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Gym & Weight Training Surfaces

With a growing variety of equipment and training in modern gyms, it is important to choose the correct surface for the appropriate area within a Gym training facility. Working very closely with Mondo, the world leading manufactures of Rubber surfaces, we are able to offer the following systems for all areas of a performance Gym facility and Gym & Weight Training Surfaces

Ulster Rugby Club

Ulster Rugby Club

Sport Impact

Sport Impact is a double-layered vulcanized rubber flooring with an extra-thick surface layer that can resist wear from heavy weights and the most intense sports activities.

A weightlifting platform must provide support at the moment of maximum effort. It has to be stable, uniform, and comfortable, to enable users to fully concentrate on their workouts. Sport Impact’s two vulcanized layers not only absorb even the most violent impact from free weights, they also reduce muscle stress. Ideal for even the most intense sports activities, it ensures athletes stability from the embossed non-porous surface and the under-layer guarantees uniform shock absorption and dimensional stability. Available in sheet or tile form, 6mm or 10mm thickness. 


Ramflex is a double-layered vulcanized rubber flooring with a hammered surface finish. The combination of two layers with different densities enables Ramflex  to resist the wear of sports equipment while providing optimal shock absorption and energy return for the users.

A huge array of exercises are available to those looking to train their bodies and Ramflex is the ideal solution for every type of workout, from freestyle to training with machines. Its non-porous surface allows for easy maintenance and the hammered texture surface provides anti-slip properties with perfect grip for every workout, even for users with no footwear.

The combination of the surface layer and shock-absorbing under-layer ensures perfect dimensional stability which makes Ramflex perfect for a wide range of uses.

Mondo Armor Strength

Mondo Armor Strength is a high performance vulcanized rubber flooring. It provides the   perfect support for the most intense strength and conditioning training involving heavy   weights.   It’s made up of three layers of vulcanized rubber:

  • a wear layer to resist abrasions and lacerations
  • an intermediate layer to dissipate shock and stress from heavy loads
  • shock-absorbing under-layer with Air-Cell® technology to absorb impact and control vertical deformation and energy return.

This triple-layered construction reduces the risk of injury by preventing weight bars from bouncing out of control. Mondo Armor Strength is the ideal solution for weightlifting platforms and strength and conditioning areas. It provides excellent sound reduction of impacts as well as impact-resistant to the weight.

Mondo Armor Strength also boasts the best foot stability, impact resistance, tears, abrasions and cuts. 

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