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4Runner have completed many successful projects for BAM Construction all over the UK. Projects such as Paisley Lagoon, near Glasgow, Linwood Sports Hub, Scotland, Cressex School near High Wycombe, Winterbourne Academy near Bristol to name just a few.

Paisley Lagoon Leisure Centre 01

4Runner are proud to have a close working relationship with BAM Construction and have assisted with solutions to some interesting projects. Paisley Lagoon being a casing point.

Paisley Lagoon Leisure Centre 02

At Paisley Lagoon Leisure Centre, the old Ice Rink was to be transformed into a new Sports Hall, however the old Ice Rink base was far from level with 300mm steps in the concrete at various points forming the actual Ice Rink. Working closely with BAM, 4Runner developed a floor system that could be levelled to +/-3mm over 3m no matter what the terrain underneath is. The 4Runner 4Sport Excel system was installed onto special steel pedestals which have the ability to be adjusted in height once in situ and locked securely. The 4Sport Excel sprung beam elements are then installed onto the pedestal tops which were all levelled using a laser level. The balance of the Excel system was then installed closing of the void beneath.

Paisley Lagoon Leisure Centre 03

Paisley Lagoon Leisure Centre 04

The chosen surface finish was Armstrong DLW Sport Linoleum as the client had a requirement for roller blading/skating sports for which the DLW Sport Linoleum can withstand due to its unique homogenous construction.

Finally, various games lines were applied to the surface using special 2part games paint.

Paisley Lagoon Leisure Centre 05